Stunt Double Creative

Since 2007, Stunt Double Creative was doing business as Orange Morning Creative. We decided to rebrand Orange Morning into Stunt Double Creative. Since we had to take some business risks and step up our creative game, we believe the new name fits us well. We believe 100% in the popular “good design is good business” motto. But we really, really mean it, so if you’re not into good design, we can’t help you. If you are looking for high-end design from a small, friendly company that drinks common folk beer and whiskey and is easy to work with, then we are the ones for you. We are here to help our clients tell their story, brand their companies and put a face to all their hard work. Nothing, and we mean nothing, leaves our doors that we aren't proud of.  



Alison - Chief of Stunts

SDC is owned and operated by Alison. Alison is a 2003 (the same year the world was introduced to the iTunes music store) graduate of Belmont University in Design Communications. She has a background working at advertising agencies, yes, just like the ones portrayed on Mad Men. Hence, that is why she is the captain of her own ship now. She toils away in a 900-sq.-ft. basement studio or at various coffee shops in and around Nashville. Designer, printmaker, illustrator and painter represent her creative side. Spreadsheets, QuickBooks, press checks, expletives, high expectations and contract writing dominate her business side. She is more a writer and artist than speaker, so don't be surprised if you get long emails with attachments and short phone calls.