Well, here we are.

Up there, that’s me, Alison, and this is the 9th year I’ve owned a design company, but this is the first time we’ve written a blog. Formerly Orange Morning Creative, we are now Stunt Double Creative. Rebranded, revamped, and moving forward at the speed of multiple mouse clicks when Photoshop crashes. There are many blogs out there and everyone has an opinion so take it with a grain of pink Himalayan salt. You’ll find nothing Earth shattering, just honest tidbits about design, branding, and the life of a creative business. 

We make things.

That’s the motto we started SDC with and it’s sticking. We animated a music video out of red hot candy hearts and we painted lyrics and logos on leather jackets for an awards show. We also make things that are more “regular business folk like” such as logos, brochures, books, posters, album covers and websites. But painting on leather jackets is really fun, so keep that in mind. 

We believe IN...

small businesses, handmade products, American-made goods and services, collaboration, good music, honesty, dry humor, and hard work.

We don’t believe in...

business attire, two spaces after a period, clipart, Nickelback or clipart of Nickelback. The jury is still out on the Oxford comma and they’ll probably stay out because no one here has an English degree.